Reflection Paper

Due: May 7, 2015 (turn-in at final exam)

Grade: 50 point comprehension assignment

Goal: To show me how you have evolved over the course of a semester.

To meet the goal of this assignment, you have the freedom to write what you think is necessary.  However, I have found that some students in the past have struggled to begin reflective or open-ended assignments.  If you struggle to begin this assignment, you might start by responding to one of the following prompts.

  • Tell me about a part of the course that challenged your beliefs about coaching.
  • Tell me about how a part of the course reinforced some (or most) of your beliefs about coaching and sport.
  • Tell me about how your beliefs have not evolved much as a result of this course.
  • Tell me about how this course did not help you understand more about the field of coaching.
  • Tell me about how you view the profession of coaching differently.

Although this paper is open-ended, I ask that you please follow these conventions:

  • Length: 1-2 pages, printed, double-spaced (no need to submit through D2L, just bring a paper copy to the final exam)
  • Name: You may put your name on your paper, OR leave your name off.  This is your choice.  Please recognize that simply excluding your name does not make the assignment completely anonymous, especially if you discuss a specific exchange or event from class that you were involved in.  Take that into account.
  • Grading: I will assess credit for completing this assignment; I will not be grading it for its content.


Critical Questions

Welcome! Class 1 (Jan 12)

Welcome to KIN 401. I will be using this blog as a course hub. If I post slides, I will typically embed them in a post, just as it appears below.

After today’s class, there is a Coaching Background and Interests Survey that you will need to complete. It should take about 15 minutes to complete thoughtfully. You should also read the course syllabus (the menu for this blog will contain a link to the course syllabus) prior to signing the student agreement in class on Wednesday, Jan 14. The course schedule can be found in the menu as well. I will keep the course schedule updated throughout the semester. It will always provide due-dates for assignments and an outline of lecture topics.

Observing coaches (Feb 8th)

We’re going to watch four videos and categorize the types of coaching behaviors that we see.  Use the coaching observation rubric that is available on the assignments page.  This will be in preparation for your coach observation.


Compare your observations with the person next to you.  What’s different?  What’s similar?

On the second round, make some comments at the bottom about anything else you notice.